Who dunnit?!

Who dunnit?!

After a jam-packed year of fun and creativity, Company Developer Caroline gives us a sneak peak into life at Unique Voice Drama Club!

Detective Wise Guy approaches the scene.

In the middle of the room sits a table.

A wonderful smell fills the room, the smell of an incredible full English breakfast.

But, something is missing. Something very important.

Introducing, the mystery of …


Yes ladies and gentlemen, this can only mean one thing, it’s performance week at Unique Voice Drama Club!

This term’s theme has been Detectives and we’ve been exploring everything from evidence to suspects and even creating human lie detectors! As ever, we encourage all the ideas to come from the children themselves and we have certainly seen imaginations run wild for this theme.

Every term, our exuberant drama clubs invite their friends and family for an end of term sharing of work, where we show off our best scenes and characters from throughout the term. This term’s performance week is perhaps even more special than most, being our final performance week of the year. Which of course means saying goodbye to some of our longest standing drama club members in Year 6, as they fly on up to secondary school.

And what an incredible year it has been. I have simply the best job in the world, leading lots of our drama clubs all across Bristol. Each club has it’s own wonderful dynamic of characters, who all have a very special and important place within our group.

Yesterday we sent off Unique Voice’s longest standing drama club member OF ALL TIME. I have had the pleasure of teaching him for the past 3 years and as I look back to the little year 4 I met in 2011, I am simply blown away looking at the confident, articulate and funny (not to mention tall!) young man that now stands in front of me.

I know Drama Club has really helped this young person to find their voice and nourished a real flair and talent for acting, that I know will continue to be a life-long passion. I’m sure one day we will see him performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival or at the Apollo doing stand-up! I’m extremely proud to have been a part of this journey and just goes to show the power of just 1 hour a week.

Cheddar Grove’s performance went off with a bang (or should I say banger! Oh dear..) yesterday and we’re looking forward to performances at Perry Court, Fair Furlong, St Pius, Merchants Primary, Summerhill and Glenfrome over the next few days!

So as our detectives hang up their coats and file away their cases for the summer, we’ll be looking forward to more wacky and wonderful themes next year.

Oh and the mystery of the stolen sausage?

The dog ate it! 🙂

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