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What is included in the Mental Health Toolkit subscription?

  • Original animated film called ‘Adventures on the Inside’, created by Unique Voice
  • Carefully planned lesson plans which follow 6 themes that are adapted appropriately for each year group
  • Guiding presentations giving teachers prompts for each activity, and include engaging audio files and enhancements to the activities
  • Beautifully designed printable worksheets
  • Calming mindfulness activities
  • High quality parent / carer resources
  • Detailed teacher guidance documents
  • Training videos
  • Ongoing support from the team at UV
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Emotional Regulation

This chapter is jam-packed full of creativity; you’ll find storytelling, music, drama, poetry, art, and much more. Using these engaging and fun tools, we guide you through a comprehensive scheme of work which aims to develop your students emotional regulation strategies.

Key information:

  • This trauma-informed programme has been developed in line with Ofsted guidance and the PSHE curriculum
  • You can use it as an intervention for small groups or for your whole school
  • We aim to engage the whole school community, by providing resources for parent & carers, display material, and additional mindfulness activities
  • All the learning centres around an original, therapeutic animation, which frames the scheme of work and gives each week’s theme a clear reference point
  • This programme has been developed to be highly impactful whilst simultaneously being simple for teachers to deliver.

How is the topic of emotional regulation sequenced in the lessons?

After an introductory session watching the animated film and discussing it, each year group begins their own 6 lesson sequence. The weekly themes are as follows:

Trusted Adults

Body Sensations

Core Emotions


Emotional Regulation Toolkit

My Adventures on the Inside

'Adventures on the Inside' - Excerpt

'Emotions Bubble' Activity

How are the lessons structured?

Lessons are planned to be 60 minutes long and are structured in the following way.

Watch and discuss a short film clip from Adventures on the Inside to introduce today’s theme.

A game or activity to begin exploring today’s theme, often done as a class

An in-depth task to elicit more thinking and exploration, often in groups or pairs

An opportunity for solo reflection which can involve the use of the printable worksheets included in the lesson plans

Campfire Moment 
A ‘plenary’ to finish the session; an opportunity to consolidate learning and celebrate the children’s work


Class discussions are interwoven throughout the session to enable peer to peer conversation and empathy.

Benefits to your school

“The creative learning approach in the Mental Health Toolkit is really effective in building children’s resilience, regulation and self awareness in a fun and accessible way. This not only enables and empowers children to access and enjoy their life and learning now but provides an important foundation for emotional health and wellbeing for the rest of their lives.”


Nicky Spencer-Hutchings
Mental Health Occupational Therapist specialising in child and adolescent mental health, Thrive trainer and SEMH consultant

When will the materials be available for use, how will I access them and what is the cost?

  • All of the materials are accessed online, through the Unique Voice online portal via this website
  • Included in your subscription, you will receive 10 user logins to enable all relevant staff simultaneous access to the resources
  • Subscriptions are for one year from the date of registration
  • An annual subscription is £395 for the whole year

What can I do if I would like to find out more or sign up?

If you would like to find out more, or sign up for a subscription, please contact us with any questions you may have. You can also book an online meeting where you can see the resources in more detail.

Phone: 0117 428 6240