About us

About Us

We are a female led social enterprise, delivering creative projects which aim to improve children and young people’s social and emotional development.

Based in Bristol with a small but mighty team, we work across the city and the south west. We produce high quality films, run workshops in schools, and deliver PSHE programmes. We focus on helping children build emotional resilience and self-belief, exploring topics such as; mental health, healthy relationships and crime prevention.

Alongside this we fundraise to deliver trauma sensitive holiday provision and activities for children living in disadvantaged communities in the city.

We have been established for 10 years now, and have become mothers along the journey. We truly are a very friendly and welcoming group of people, please feel free to get in contact If you have any questions about our company.


We are very proud to have Sir Patrick Stewart as a patron and committed supporter, he has an active involvement in the development of Unique Voice. Patrick has been very interested in our work since we first made contact in 2011, and we regularly update him with the company’s ventures and partnerships.

“I became a patron because I strongly believe in the work Unique Voice does, for and with young people. I grew up in a household where respect was not always a priority. There was no valuable role model or example setter. Also, Unique Voice is a theatre company and I have been an actor for more than 50 years. I’m very impressed with the way they work. Their dedication, good humour and their powerful communication skills. The themes and actions in their work help young people to understand and deal with complex pressures or relationships and friendships. When young people do not have a sympathetic and experienced person to share their feelings with, then with loneliness and peer pressure it can led to bad choices. Unique Voice provides a living, vivid platform for drama, discussion and learning.”
Sir Patrick Stewart