About us


We are a Bristol based social enterprise, working alongside charities, schools, and the council – using the arts to teach. We are called upon by schools and multiple family support organisations across the country to provide projects.

We specialise in using the arts to develop children’s social and emotional resilience. Our belief is that the arts bring a phenomenal power when used in education, enabling strong engagement with children and young people, alongside being accessible, emotive, and memorable. The arts gives us the ability to talk about very challenging issues that children and their families might be experiencing, and gives us the tools to guide children to discover solutions, and the long-term ability to make positive choices.

We see the arts as a vital part of children and young people’s everyday lives – through play, imagination, experimentation, expression – connection and sharing emotions. Using arts as a tool to education, we operate both a trading branch and a charitable branch of our organisation. Both sides have social purpose at their core. 


We work in schools providing creative, innovative programmes aimed at tackling some of the challenges students face. Our core topics are Anti-Bullying , Online Safety, Mental Health and Healthy Relationships. Alongside this we run various projects focusing on increasing young people’s confidence, literacy skills, employability and passion to achieve qualifications.

 Each of our educational programmes are created as a direct response to requests from either the council, schools and other charitable organisations. 


We provide much needed free out-of-school provision and things to do for young people and families in Bristol. This work has been developed through the work we have done with thousands of children over the years. We repeatedly heard about the need for targeted provisions in the school holidays for children who have had Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s). The services are in demand in deprived communities across Bristol and are relied upon by many many families. We receive no council funding despite being one of the main provisions for referring professionals in Bristol. We keep them running through fundraising events, appeals and bid writing.


We are very proud to have Sir Patrick Stewart as a patron and committed supporter, he has an active involvement in the development of Unique Voice. Patrick has been very interested in our work since we first made contact in 2011, and we regularly update him with the company’s ventures and partnerships.

“I became a patron because I strongly believe in the work Unique Voice does, for and with young people. I grew up in a household where respect was not always a priority. There was no valuable role model or example setter. Also, Unique Voice is a theatre company and I have been an actor for more than 50 years. I’m very impressed with the way they work. Their dedication, good humour and their powerful communication skills. The themes and actions in their work help young people to understand and deal with complex pressures or relationships and friendships. When young people do not have a sympathetic and experienced person to share their feelings with, then with loneliness and peer pressure it can led to bad choices. Unique Voice provides a living, vivid platform for drama, discussion and learning.”

Sir Patrick Stewart