"What Would You Do? has given the children in our class an opportunity to develop their understanding of how to play an important role in their community. Through ongoing role plays and discussion, children have learnt what behaviour is acceptable and what is not. More important, they have developed an understanding of what to do if they see people behaving in inappropriate and unacceptable ways. They now know who crime stoppers are and how to contact them. The sessions have also helped the children develop their confidence in acting and sharing ideas in front of their peers. This has been a valuable experience. Thank you". 
Gemma DarbySt Werburghs Primary School
The children of Saint Barnabas have immensely enjoyed their time spent with unique voice over the last couple of months. Due to the interactive nature and structure of the activities, all children have achieved great things in terms of performance, confidence, and understanding of the issues which affect us all. The safe environment, which unique voice has fostered, enabled the children to explore their feelings and responses to real life situations.
Micheal Cromney and Alison CampSt Barnabas Primary School
A Fantastic and worthwhile morning – The children got a lot from it. A safe, trusting environment was established and the workshop involved everyone at all times.
Alison Dineen, TeacherHareclive Academy Bristol
The Workshop was pitched at an appropriate level and children were able to engage. Today has made staff and children aware of young carers and the issues they face. This will enable us to support and identify young carers in the long run.
Vicky Wells, TeacherHareclive Academy Bristol
Our thanks are to Unique Voice for providing such a professional drama performance and workshops. I felt the play was perfectly pitched and was very thought provoking. I will certainly highly recommend Unique Voice whenever I can.
Sally Sibley, School Community Link WorkerMangotsfield
Thank you for a brilliant morning. Keep up the fantastic work at other schools. You make a difference Unique Voice.
Badock's Wood on Unique Voice Creative Services
The play had immediate impact on the children. They were captivated and wanted to talk about it straight away. I will use this to relate situations that occur in school and talk about how the characters dealt with things.
Badock's Wood on the Anti Bullying Project
The workshop was excellent and really involved all of the children. I particularly enjoyed the fact that all of the types of bullying were covered throughout the morning.
Richard Welsh, TeacherSummerhill Juniors, Triple R 2013
This is the second play I've seen by Unique Voice and it was just as powerful as the first- Amazing - and very relevant to the children's lives.
Triple R 2013Summerhill Juniors
Unique Voice are particular skilled in engaging hard to reach young people. These young people are less likely to engage in main stream education and therefore more likely to find themselves in risky situations including crime and anti-social behaviour.
Kelly ParsonsPCSO 7106/Orchard School Liaison Officer, Bristol
I thought the play was brilliant! It engaged all the pupils and made them think about other peoples personal problems and why bullying behaviour may occur.
Geraldine Mikey, TeacherBridge Learning Campus
Unique voice does exactly what it says on the tin! Children are given an opportunity to express themselves…. to find their voice, in a unique way. Our school has worked closely with Unique Voice for several years now, they have come in to school providing workshops etc. I have also been given the opportunity to send some of our most vulnerable children on some holiday schemes. These have proved invaluable in boosting pupil’s confidence and in turn their self-esteem. The children have thrived during their experience, an experience they would otherwise never have had. The whole family benefits as it has a knock on effect on their behaviour and demeanour at home.
Jane AllenParson Street
A great experience for the girls. Last years workshop was talked about all year and I used it as a tool when dealing with issues with the previous year 7s.
Kirsty LawrenceColstons Girls School
Facilitators were excellent at including everyone in a friendly open way. They were able to recognise individuals who were shy and were careful not to push them into their ‘panic zone’.
Lauren Batt, TeacherOasis Academy Brightstowe
Thank you for a superb morning; I really feel that the performance and workshops were so valuable to our year 7 students.
Adam KnightOasis Academy Brightstowe
Absolutely excellent morning, I feel like I have learned something today.
Richard WelshSummerhill Academy
All actively involved and enjoyed session - great understanding.
Lora White, teacherGlenfrome Primary School
It was perfectly pitched, the kids were inspired.
Will Ewens, teacherWestbury Park Primary School
It was pitched brilliantly, a great balance between activities and discussions.
Jade Coombe, TeacherWestbury Park Primary School
Perfectly pitched for year 5 & 6. Children were very engaged. Super to involve them through drama..
Chris Coates, TeacherPembridge CE School
The leaders were excellent with the class. Made sure the whole class were involved and were consistent with the rules to ensure everyone could speak and feel respected.
Gerry Moloney, TeacherMerchants’ Academy Primary