Transition: It’s Time for Change

Transition: It’s Time for Change

As schools book our ‘Celebrating Year 6’ and ‘Secondary School Transition’ days, Company Director Krystal takes a moment to reflect on changes and in particular her experience of moving from Primary School to Secondary School.

I’ve often reminisced about myself in year 6. Coupled with the questionable socks and frizzy hair I was your typical girl next door. Never too ‘polished’ but nevertheless the attempt was made at all costs (even my last few pennies on those hair grips that I would later realise where not worth the headache!). I tried hard in year 6, enthusiastically taking part in the end of year performance, being voted a member of the student council and was blessed to of made some wonderful friends along the way. BUT after everyone signed my leavers t-shirt and I spent a summer of all things primary school, I started my first day at year 7, it couldn’t of been more different…

Suddenly my hair grips did not look the same, I woke up extra earlier to address the frizz in my hair and I started to doubt whether I should even audition for the Christmas show. So what happened? It wasn’t that I changed overnight or that the new school couldn’t offer me support or guidance. It was in fact the environment, the notion of change that now I understand can be the most daunting prospect of all. My friendship circle (like many young people) was a vital part of my existence in school, and I desperately searched for a friend that was bold enough to join the drama club so that I could sheepishly follow! Year 7 was a really difficult year for me and it’s on reflection and through my job now that I can understand exactly why I felt like this.

Change, whether it be a new job, new house, new subject or a new teacher is a hard transition and as adults we talk about change all the time. We plan for it, dedicate time, resources and thoughts towards ensuring everything is just right. For me there was no induction, no “how are you feeling about Georgie going to another school?”, “do you know that you can do these clubs, meet these people..?” It’s those conversations when change is happening that we need to make sure happen, and that we support young people in what can be a really confusing and scary, but fun time.

I look back and wonder if these kind of conversations during my transition would have led to less stress and sleepless nights of thoughts about ‘fitting in’ and more about all the exciting ventures that secondary schools holds.

Transition services at Unique Voice are one of my favorite sessions to teach and I look forward to having those conversations with young people during this memorable time in their lives.

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