Put on a smiling face!

Put on a smiling face!

This term several of our after school clubs have been enjoying a ‘Stand up for Comedy’ scheme, reflecting on the term, Sarah has blogged about the impact this scheme has had.

I was confident at the start of this term that my after school club would be thrilled by the scheme choice. More often than not their work veers towards comedy, regardless of whether we specify for it to or not! As expected, as soon as the theme was announced we were greeted with a cheer of enthusiasm from the club. We started off this term with the simple task of making each other laugh, something the giggly lot at St Pius found relatively easy! But as the weeks have gone on we have looked at various other forms of comedy, from stand up where the children developed some very funny rants about things that annoy them, to clowning where the group created scenes to music complete with comedy props- whoopee cushions, false fingers, bow ties, wigs and funny hats.

But behind all the giggles, and obvious humour contained within this scheme the children have all realised how much of a positive impact comedy can have on our lives. We have all experienced days where one thing after another seems to go wrong or annoy us, and as tempting as it can be to sulk, cry or run away from it all, sometimes the best thing to do can be to try and see the funny side (which there almost always is if you look hard enough!) The club proved themselves very generous when looking at ways they could cheer their friends up if they were having a bad day. They thought specifically about what would help their partner up and make them smile again, and each group couldn’t help but smile as they performed back.

But I guess on a slightly simpler level, this term drama club has just been full of silliness, a great sort of silliness! The children have totally let themselves go in terms of throwing themselves into each week and allowing themselves to look and act silly; something I think adults should do more frequently! So often in life we spend so much time focussing on work, or bills, or the mental to do list that seems to continually occupy our minds that we forget to take time to allow ourselves to de-stress by ensuring we are able to laugh. To revert to that childlike sense of silliness where things don’t need to have a point, where we can do them just because we find them funny. From watching the children this term, it hasn’t necessarily been the content of their pieces which has brought such a wide smile to my face. Rather the look of sheer enjoyment and their ability to lose themselves in what they are doing, to pull the silliest faces they can think of and to allow their imagination to run riot as they improvise their way through scenes.

They’ve taught me a valuable lesson; that no matter what else is going on, it is crucial to always find an ability to laugh at life every now and again.

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