Why you should make a big noise for U.V!

Why you should make a big noise for U.V!

As those of you who follow Unique Voice on twitter or Facebook will know, the company is currently in the running to win £9,000 of free digital marketing. This week Sarah has written a blog to tell you exactly why you should vote for them!

Just this week, during one of our weekly drama club sessions, a child asked me ‘Are we singing this song because it’s about finding your voice and that’s what Unique Voice helps people do?’ At this point myself and Ruth replied with an enthusiastic ‘yes!’ and felt all happy inside (a feeling which only grew when St Anne’s drama club blew us away with their beautiful rendition of Emeli Sande’s Read all About it.)

I’ve had a good old think about all the work Unique Voice do, and have narrowed all of the goodness down to a threefold persuasion (which was hard, especially when there’s so much to say). But hopefully this elevator pitch will send your fingers into a frenzy as you grab your nearest electronic communication device and vote to help us do more great work with young people.

Perhaps the topic of communication is a good place to start. While it is the case that most young people never stop chatting, and indeed are constantly occupied with exploring and discovering life as they grow up, often the things they want or need to be talking about are harder to access. Be it because of embarrassment or uncertainty or a lack of opening for conversation, Unique Voice has used creative learning to encourage young people to actively learn about the things that really matter to their social and emotional development. Our work covers subjects from healthy relationships to bullying, internet safety to stress busting and allows the young people we work with to explore these subjects an engaging way in a safe and non-judgemental environment. These projects have also resulted in numerous disclosures across schools in Bristol which allow schools to identify those children who really need that extra support.

Whilst some of our visits are one offs, the weekly sessions we run (after school clubs and creative communication lessons) really nurture and help to increase the confidence of the young people we work with. As well as this impacting our sessions with them, schools have reported that they have seen the positive impact of a child’s involvement across the rest of their school life; be it in terms of their engagement, social skills, teamwork or confidence this is always a positive impact. The sense of belonging to a Unique Voice club was summed up beautifully by a child last week. She had made a poster about drama club which featured the words ‘You’ll never act alone in drama club’. Often it is the children who find it harder to engage in everyday education who really thrive and blossom in these sessions, allowing them to instil in themselves a sense of achievement and belonging, encouraging the important belief that they are skilled, important and valuable.

Every session I have ever been a part of with Unique Voice has been fun (and not just for the kids!). Regardless of the subject matter, or the scheme or the leaders, the children and the staff have always had a smile on their faces throughout. Perhaps then it is unsurprising how much they take from the sessions; often I suspect they forget they are learning, but nevertheless the final activities always show just how much the children have thought, been inspired and questioned the subject at hand. By engaging them in practical exercises we make the sessions more relevant, allow them to experience them emotionally and cognitively, thus instilling a deeper understanding and personal connection to the topic. Whilst we don’t tell young people what to do, we allow them to make informed, safe and personal decisions of their own. Helping them recognise things that are important to them, how they want to be treated, or the power of their imagination, how to ask for help should they need it, how to support friends, how capable they are. The list goes on.

Winning this competition would allow us to reach out to so many more young people, and engage them in the sessions that we know can have a remarkable impact. So please take a minute to vote for Unique Voice (links below). If I’ve done a really good job at convincing you then please share this blog on whichever social media site takes your fancy.

Thank you.

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