What schools are saying about Healthy Relationships Project “Status”

This week the Unique Voice team visited Redland Green School in Bristol with the project “Status” which consisted of a drama performance and interactive workshops aimed to raise awareness of the peer pressure that young people can encounter when entering relationships.

Year 10 and 11 indulged in discussions, engaged in the key messages and more importantly voiced their expectations, opinions and wishes for their own future relationships.

Using the play as a platform the students participated in activities designed to stimulate their thoughts and challenge preconceptions about relationships.

Find out what staff at Redland Green are saying about “Status”

Status has been an excellent experience for our students” S.Roberts, Redland Green School

Thank you for the visit today, the Unique Voice team were highly skilled, flexible and understood young people so well” Anne Bell, Redland Green School

The Status Workshop was brilliant. All the students enjoyed the discussion and tasks at hand. Students that attended the sessions are now aware of the issues dealing with relationships and judging their decisions before acting on peer pressure.The whole project was engaging, knowledgable and geared brilliantly to the target audience” Paul mboya, Redland Green School

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“Status”  is available to Year 9-11 students in secondary schools nationwide. To find out when the Unique Voice team can visit your school, contact us