What is it all about? – Unique Voice After School Drama Club

What is it all about? – Unique Voice After School Drama Club

After School Drama Club

BANANAS OF THE WORLD UNITE! Peel banana, peel peel banana…

Just one of the songs often heard being sang (very loudly) at a typical ‘Unique Voice After School Drama Club’.  Leaders sometimes seeming even more enthusiastic about the song than the children!

One hour of games, drama and singing, ‘After School Club’ seem to be the best of both worlds.  You’re at school but not in lessons, you’re playing endless games with your friends and the adults are encouraging you to run around and be noisy for a whole hour!

Now, games are not all that’s involved in drama club, confidence and team building, social conscience and morals all have a huge part to play.

It’s a real privilege to see children growing and developing in all these areas, as drama constantly proves itself as an extremely effective way of learning.

Different stars shine each week in drama club and as congratulations they get a truly deserved ‘Star of the Day’ certificate to take home to show their family and friends!  They also get their names written up on the specially made Unique Voice board which hangs up in their school for all teachers and students to see!

New drama kings and queens are always welcome and everyone, children and leaders alike, have an awesome time!


Cat Sparkes.