Unique Voice After School Club: St Pius DEFINITELY has talent!

Unique Voice After School Club: St Pius DEFINITELY has talent!

September is fast approaching and to get us into the Unique Voice after school club spirit is a delightful blog from our fantastic head after school club leader Sarah Fullagar, reflecting on the performance week at St Pius’s Unique Voice after school club at the end of last term.

Coming away from leading a Unique Voice after school club feeling like I did makes me feel incredibly lucky to be working with such wonderful children. It was performance week at St Pius, and this term my drama club were celebrating their talents and skills with their very own talent show- ‘St Pius has Talent’.

Over the course of the term I worked with my club encouraging them to embrace their talents and acknowledge the things that they’re brilliant at. In the initial couple of weeks I was met with several slightly perplexed faces as I asked each child to voice their skills. As many of them looked back at me with sheepish looks I asked, ‘Hands up if you find it hard to admit things that you’re good at.’

Every single child sat before me raised a hand.

‘Why is that?’ I asked, prompting a couple of them to offer responses such as ‘I don’t want to seem like I am showing off’ or ‘I don’t know that I’m as good as I think I am’.

Having worked with these children I can say with complete honesty that every single one of them has numerous talents and skills that stand them out as incredible individuals- and I was determined to make them see what I saw in each of them.

I devised an activity which I loosely named ‘the talent adverts’, and asked the children to get into groups to create adverts for each other to highlight all the things that they were brilliant at. The club is full of fantastic singers, dancers, runners, gymnasts, storytellers and characters and sure enough after hearing honest and generous praise from their peers, the children slowly but surely began to embrace and acknowledge their talents.

Our end of term performance was full of different acts and talent showcases. The children created their own acts which ranged from crime scene dramas, songs, sketches, scripted drama pieces and original songs.

There was a wonderful atmosphere in the school hall in the rehearsal leading up to our performance (and indeed during the performance itself). The room was oozing with confidence, and every single child gave the best performance I have ever seen from them. They were all beaming as they took to the stage and showed off their skills, proud to be sharing their work with friends and family who had come to support them.

At the end of each term, leaders of Unique Voice clubs award ‘Star of the Term’ awards to children who have stood out as being particularly hard working and dedicated throughout the term. After awarding these on Monday, one of my winners ran up to me and hugged me thanking me for choosing her for this award. But in reality she needn’t have done. The children put in an enormous amount of effort every week and it’s to their credit that they continue to embrace each session that they take part in. I feel so honoured to be working with such fantastically creative, generous and inspiring children.

I have recently chosen four member of my club to be Unique Voice Ambassadors. These are children who have proven themselves to be incredible role models in their drama clubs over a number of terms, who constantly excel themselves from week to week and set a wonderful example to other members of their group. At the end of Monday’s performance I was thrilled to be able to award each of my ambassadors with Unique Voice badges and Ambassador certificates. The pride on the children’s faces as they received these was bold and beautiful, as indeed it should have been. They, along with every other child in this club have achieved great things in this term and others.

Each week that I have worked with them this term, I have left St Pius feeling elated and so incredibly proud of the progress each and every child has made and the things they have achieved. It is a joy to watch them grow in confidence and to see them embrace their unique talents and skills from week to week and I cannot wait to work with them again in the autumn term.


Sarah Fullagar

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