“Unique” Triple R Visits

“Unique” Triple R Visits

As we draw nearer the end of the year, the ‘Influenced’ team has been busier than ever, visiting a wonderfully diverse range of schools. For this week’s blog, Sarah reflects on two of the latest visits to share some of the wonderful experiences the team has had.

It never fails to amaze me how diverse our ‘Influenced’ anti-bullying visits can be from school to school. Last week the team visited Kingsweston school and Glenfrome primary and the visits couldn’t have been more different; it left me incredibly proud to be part of a project able to speak to so many children.

Our visit to Kingsweston Napier Miles on Thursday was potentially going to be our most challenging visit yet. The school caters to a wide range of severe educational and emotional needs which would undoubtedly require a different approach to our usual workshop plan. As the hall filled up for our performance, the visit was much the same bar as the larger staff/pupil ratio. The students sat and absorbed in the performance, watching intently as the story unfolded but it was in the workshop that we had to use a slightly different approach. Many of the young people we worked with had speech difficulties, which required us to find other means of allowing them to communicate their thoughts and opinions. Thanks to the school staff who were incredibly helpful in their approach, we already had an idea of what might work for these students and used a range of emotion and picture cards that the group could refer to in order to answer questions about the performance. The session only touched on much of what we might usually cover in depth in a mainstream school, but nevertheless felt very appropriate and relevant for the group we were working with; for example transforming Unique Voice’s Triple R slogan ‘Recognise, Report, Resolve’ into ‘See, tell, friends’-  a version which could be easily signed and remembered by the students. As in any other visit we laughed, learnt and explored as we worked together to find ways to help these students tackle bullying.

What Glenfrome Primary and Kingsweston School said about the visit:

“Brilliant! Watching the kids focus was great – they were entranced and some even had tears!” Jane Douglass, Glenfrome Primay

Our pupils really enjoyed the performance and the workshops. It was a pleasure to see them engaged and enjoying themselves. They didn’t want your team to leave! Your team were great in their delivery and really connected with our pupils.Staff have also feedback to me on how beneficial it was and how it was great to see some pupils open up and share their opinions. A Big Big Thank you”   Alison Little, Kingsweston School 

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