Now taking bookings between January 22nd - February 16th 2017.

What is Switched ONline?

Our Switched Online Programme will help your KS1 or KS2 students to feel empowered to make positive decisions, to recognise the impact of their digital footprint and to feel confident to say ‘no’ even when everyone around them seems to be saying ‘yes’.

Guiding your young people to recognise the importance of their ‘online morals’, so that whilst they are having new experiences they can always come back to a solid, confident understanding of what is:

Safe and Unsafe

Fact and Opinion

Respectful and Disrespectful

Challenge Day’s Explained




Why Choose Switched ONline?

Switched ONline will provide your school with:

Whole school engagement including students, parents and teachers to create a community of ‘Positive Digital Citizens’.

Helpful resources and innovative activities for continued learning.

Project longevity, leaving students trained and confident to stay E-Safe.

Post-project meeting to discuss the students learning and future planning.

 Our program will impact your school in the following ways:

Introducing a culture of Online Safety within your school.

Implementation of methods for reporting and dealing with unsafe behaviour.

An insight into young peoples opinions and their ideas for solutions.

Evidence of working within the DfE & Ofsted framework.

An evidence base of your commitment to your Online Safety policies.


Key Statistics 

Over 60 schools have participated in our Switched ONline programs

100% of teachers say they would recommend us to other schools

We have worked with 20,000+ children on the subject of Online Safety

We sit on Bristol City Council’s E-Safety sub group

Cost and booking logistics

The cost is £750 for your whole school day engagement- your school will also automatically qualify for additional resources and lesson plans created here at Unique Voice to assist you with your continued journey to Online Safety.

To book please contact us, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and booking preferences. Please have an idea of dates you would prefer, and the number of children you would like to participate to hand.


Any Questions?

If you would like to book, or if you need some additional information please Click here.

We look forward to hearing from you and finding positive solutions for you.

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