New after school clubs – New fun!

This term several new schools have taken on a Unique Voice After School Drama Club, and for this weeks blog Sarah talks about what they have been getting up to.

I love my job. It’s a combination of the wonderful children I work with, the wonderful Unique Voice team and the fact that every time I go to work I have tons of fun. I’ve also learnt that although I am very competent at leading certain games, I’m rubbish at actually playing them as the children at St Anne’s found out (much to their great amusement!)

This week I started two new after school clubs at St Anne’s Primary and Parson Street, and whilst every session requires a fair dose of energy, my biggest challenge was remembering 60 new names. From the offset both schools were a delight to be in, the children’s enthusiasm and energy, along with their incredibly generous attitudes have meant that I’m already counting down the days until I’m next there.

Already these children are surprising and impressing me, from their confidence, their creative flair and their passion I’ve been thoroughly impressed by how much they input and contribute to the sessions. Every drama club is different; the children at each club make it what it is, and whilst the schemes could be the same and the leaders might be the same the children are the ones who really put their stamp on it. St Anne’s for example are perhaps the most drama-y drama club I’ve ever taught. They thrived whilst analysing and exploring how they could use their voices and bodies to portray emotions and characters. They recognised the importance of saying ‘yes’ when improvising in groups, they worked together to really tell their story, to make it clear and comical. By performance week at the end of the term I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up with mini Judi Dench’s and Patrick Stewart’s up on stage!

It’s not always easy for children to embark on a new activity, and certainly this week I saw some children obviously a little daunted at the prospect of showing back their work but nevertheless they threw themselves in, felt the fear and did it anyway. Let’s not forget that our drama clubs are for years 3 to 6, and although the children often know some of the others well, they are often with people from different years, and that the development differences between a 7 year old and an 11 year old can be quite vast. But while these children may not socialise much in the playground, this is put aside when the session starts. One thing that most impressed me this week across the board was the children’s willingness to work with new people, with anyone in fact regardless of whether they were already friends or not. Whilst this is something Unique Voice always encourages, credit must be given to the kids for having done so without a fuss -it doesn’t always happen!

The Unique Voice slogan ‘Using Drama to Enhance Learning’ certainly speaks volumes of truth, but sometimes I wish it was ‘Using Drama to Enhance Learning, Creativity, Imagination, Confidence, Teamwork, Emotional Development and Exploration.’ But perhaps that’s a little longwinded to fit on a t-shirt.

Any Questions?

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