Me+You=4eva receives National Accreditation!

The Unique Voice office has been celebrating this week after hearing that their debut theatre in education show Me+You=4eva has been nationally accredited. Since it launched in 2011, the project has grown from strength to strength and everyone involved has been absolutely overjoyed by the news! Our blogger and cast member Sarah Fullagar reflects on the journey the project has undergone to reach this milestone.

The project has been recognised by a panel of judges for The Centre for Excellence and Outcomes in Children and Young People’s Services (C4EO) as an emerging practise for young people to raise awareness of healthy relationships. This essentially means that any educational facility looking for an interactive project about relationships can visit the C4EO website and view information about the project, and indeed Unique Voice as a company nationally recognised for the success and impact this project has had over the past two years.
Since I started working on this project just over a year ago I have loved seeing it go from strength to strength.

The team has welcomed several alterations to the performance and the workshop as we have continued to improve the project. Exercises have been developed, altered or replaced with others in order to create what is now the strongest set of activities we’ve ever used.

I think it’s impossible to underestimate the importance of not being too precious about the content of the sessions- all the changes we have ever made have been as a direct result of the children’s responses to the sessions, and have all helped to ensure that the children get the most they can from their short time with us.
But the project has ultimately been influenced by the number of people who have worked on it, the character “Joe” in particular has been tackled by at least 9 actors now, all of whom have bought different elements of the character to the fore and impacted my view of the play as a whole. My character “Becky” never doesn’t actually have many scenes with Joe, but each actor’s individual portrayal affects the character “Jess”, which in turn affects my experience of the play. It’s been brilliant to see so many different portrayals, all of which have still allowed the children to grasp the themes and message of the play. Similarly, after over a year of acting alongside Suze, (who played “Jess”), last week UV director Cat stepped into the role, which once again encouraged a whole new dynamic. Equally, all workshop leaders for this project have bought a different stamp to the workshops. I’ve learnt from each and every leader on this project and developed my own practise as each tour has progressed.

I feel very proud when I think about the wide range of schools and indeed children that this show has visited. I wouldn’t have thought that this project could reach what is actually quite a diverse age range, but in fact every visit has made an impression on those who have participated. 

I really hope that this accreditation means that the project can continue to travel further afield, allowing us to encourage more and more young people to ensure the relationships they enter into as they grow up are healthy. 

Want to find out where Me+You=4eva is heading next?  Contact us for more details