Florence and the Friendship Flower: KS1 Storytelling

This week Unique Voice have been in Bristol Schools visiting Key Stage One children with an innovative and interactive storytelling performance.

Florence and The Friendship Flower explores how friendships are based on truth and honesty, and that allowing yourself to get caught up in an uncomfortable web of lies will not only end up hurting others but hurting yourself as well.  We learn that the best you can be is yourself and that you shouldn’t change for anyone else.

Overview of the Story:

Florence is a new little flower who is looking forward to being plated into the big garden. She is, however, anxious to make lots of friends; after all, how can she grow if she hasn’t got the friendship of the Sun, the Soil and the Water?

Florence makes her first friend, Carrie the Careless Crow, who misleads her into believing that she wont make any friends if she isn’t an extraordinary plant who can do all sorts of magical things! Florence believes this and goes on to tell her new friends lies to make sure that they like her, she feels increasingly uneasy about this throughout the story but seeing how excited her new friends are about seeing her magic she continues to tell the lies. In the end she is discovered, and her friends are very sad, they stress that they like her for who she is not for the lies she has made up. Florence is hugely relieved, not only that she is liked for being herself, but that she doesn’t have to tell lies anymore.

Any Questions?

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