All I want for Christmas is Youuuuuuu (nique Voice)

Christmas is upon us! We have reached the end of term, and have been getting into the festive spirit. School uniforms have been swapped for ordinary clothes and schools have been swapped for shops as the preparation for Christmas begins! To round off this term, Sarah brings us a blog about the team, the past term and general goodwill to all men (and women) within the company.

Since I lead my last session of 2012 on Monday, I’ve busied myself for the past few days finishing off my shopping, resting (a bit) and enjoying festive end of term celebrations- namely the Unique Voice Christmas party. In actual fact, despite having had more time off in the past week, I’ve still spent pretty much every day with the company.

It’s essential, as far as I’m concerned, to have a close working relationship and equally important to have a strong friendship with those you work with in a job like ours. Whilst I adore every aspect of my work, there is no denying that at times it can be exhausting both emotionally and physically. Working with children requires you to be constantly alert and vigilant both in terms of what they are doing, and saying; this paired with many an early start means that the team benefits massively from close, honest and supportive relationships (and a good supply of coffee!)

For me, the team is the pick-up I need on those mornings where my alarm clock is in danger of being thrown violently across the room at 5.30 am, they are the constant source of energy and laughter during long days, we understand each other’s occasional need to do nothing but sit on the sofa and eat carbs after a tiring day, and I know that if any of us needed any of the others for something, work related or otherwise, we would be there.

Last Thursday the team celebrated with a Christmas meal, we swapped secret santa presents- personalised gifts from finger puppets to raps and cheese to homemade honeycomb. It’s rare that the entire team are all together and at the moment that my plate of turkey defeated me, I glanced down the table and thought two things. The first was how much bigger the team was than last year, there were faces new and old, people who deliver a variety of services, people I’ve worked with lots and others not so much. The second thing I thought was ‘I really like ALL of these incredibly unique (no pun intended) people’, a thought followed by an internal cheer; it seems like an obvious thing to say, but that doesn’t mean it should be taken for granted.

The Unique Voice directors surprised us with individual end of term certificates (well, if the children get them, why shouldn’t we?!) They highlighted lots of quirks and were all brilliantly personalised; from the ‘here’s one I made earlier’ award, to ‘best injured player’ and ‘best high pitched voice without a coffee’ everyone had an award to celebrate something they had done in the past year.

As for next term, well you’ll have to wait and hear what Unique Voice will be getting up to, but for now Merry Christmas!