A Day in the Life of … A Unique Voice Workshop Leader

A Day in the Life of … A Unique Voice Workshop Leader

Ever wondered what it was like to live a day in the life of Suzanne Booth?  Well, wonder no more as “Suze” Unique Voice Actor, Head Workshop and After School Club Leader explains all. Follow the personal account of this bubbly, caring and creative team member, a true ambassador for Unique Voice.

A Day in the Life of Suze on Tour

I’ve played Jess in Me+You=4eva since January 2011, and every single tour date is different. I find Jess a really interesting character to play because she has a vulnerability that leads her to be influenced by an older boy, but also an inner strength that helps her to find her path again. She’s definitely a determined girl, which is something I can relate to from my own experiences!

On a tour day myself and the actor who plays Becky (Sarah) usually get lost on various buses, enlisting the help of passers-by and Google maps to find the schools (we always seem to get there early too – we must be eager!) We set up the hall space, but need Jesse (who plays Joe) to help us with the banner – Sarah and I are too small to reach the top!

After the performance we lead a number of workshops (depending on the number of children in the school.)

It’s always really interesting to see the dynamic of different classrooms, and working with different children every day is really fun – their energy and enthusiasm is generally wonderful. It’s always amazing when students pick up on the themes and messages from the performance and are able to apply these to their own scenes – I definitely always come away feeling that I’ve made a difference (even if only a little one!)

On Mondays and Thursdays I also lead after school clubs, which is different to the tour because I get to work with the same children every week on a certain scheme of work. I really like to emphasise confidence building and teamwork in these clubs, and use drama games to make it really fun, yet relevant to current social and community issues. My favourite drama game to play is Giants Wizards Dwarves (think rock paper scissors but with actions and teams!), and my favourite song is the Penguin Song, because it’s really silly and you can’t help but smile!

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