WWYD Minehead Finale at the Regal Theatre

WWYD Minehead Finale at the Regal Theatre

Over 250 community members, families and public figures filled The Regal Theatre, Minehead in anticipation of watching local children take to the stage with the project ‘What Would You Do?’, in collaboration with Crimestoppers Trust.

This project started 9 years ago with a clear mission – to ensure communities across the West Country had the opportunity to speak up and stay safe when reporting crime in their local area. Crimestoppers is unique in that it takes in information known to the community anonymously. The charity is renowned for working with the local police to ensure information given by community members is passed over and this leads to groundbreaking results in the mission to tackle crime.

Unique Voice works with the young people of these communities to educate them on the work of Crimestoppers, through the ‘What Would You Do?’ programme. The end of the project culminates into a performance. And whilst this is memorable, the project has made a striking impact within the local communities – long after the curtain has fallen.

70% of participants involved in the project now feel more confident in reporting crime.

25% increase in reporting crime in the areas around the school communities involved in the programme.

80% of children we have worked with reported they are more confident in their ability to cope in challenging situations.

100% of schools and parents report a positive impact on the children from participating in the programme.

What is so different about this project is that it isn’t adults taking to the stage to give this key information.

We know that the voice of young people is a powerful sound. We should be taking lead from these influential and inspiring children about the needs of our community. After all, it’s their voice that is the future so it’s their voice we should remember.

We saw some outstanding work inspired by the young people’s learning from the programme. We heard their ideas, hopes and fears transformed into all manner of creative expressions. From performances, poems and even films exploring topics such as hate crime, safety and intergenerational communities. Their message was louder, endlessly creative and more informative than any adult could have put together.

Ladies and Gentleman raise the roof in applause for the fantastic children of Danesfield Middle School for informing us all on how to speak up and stay safe.

Find out more about the project and it’s outcomes here:

What Would You Do?