Transition: The United Colours of Primary School

Transition: The United Colours of Primary School

As the new Year 7’s get ready to embark on their Secondary School careers, Company Director Krystal tells us all about a Unique Voice Transition Day held at Oasis Brighstowe last week!

Gazing around the room at the start of this morning was a bit like attending the opening of a world cup! We were met by groups of children proudly dressed in their primary school uniform, representing the school they have called “Home” for many years. But today was to be different, today these nervous and excited year 6’s would see just what’s in store for themselves in September when they will be called year 7’s.

The children got to meet key Oasis staff members, were shown around the school building and later on, got to collect exciting items adding to their new and shiny things ready for September. Blazer, pens, bags.

It’s been widely discussed that the most daunting part of transitioning from primary and secondary is facing the unknown.

Some of the children attending today knew 5 people, some 3 and some none at all. Many described their fears of getting lost, not making enough friends and having strict teachers, all these feelings contributed to our themed workshops, dedicated to supporting children’s transitioning process from an emotional side.

I know what you are thinking… what a brilliant job we have! We couldn’t agree more.

Our team spent the day discussing hopes, fears, aspirations, friendships, talents, subjects, memories and much more. We did this through drama games, team building exercise and art work, it was a day full of laughter and energy.

As the day went friendships emerged and developed, common ground was discovered and amongst all those nerves, excitement grew. One of my favourite moments of the day happened when a girl discovered her new friend’s love for the same TV show, she simply turned to her and said “I think me and you are going to be lifelong friends” – Priceless!

And I hope that’s true. Whilst we know academic work plays a crucial part in secondary school life it’s without question that emotional support and guidance with young people goes a long way and can impact on attendance, behaviour, attainment and achievement and much more. We were truly proud to be a part of the day.

When Oasis staff brought everyone in to round up the day, I looked around the room to see all of the different coloured uniforms from the morning were now united, making some fantastically blended shades across the room, it was privilege to watch this happen. Watch out Oasis Brightstowe these may just be your most fabulous year 7’ yet!

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