Thinking Outside the Box When it Comes to Using Creativity to Benefit Others – Unique Voice and The Royal High School, Bath

Thinking Outside the Box When it Comes to Using Creativity to Benefit Others – Unique Voice and The Royal High School, Bath

Following a recent workshop at The Royal High School, Bath for their Year 10 GCSE Drama students.  Company Director Claire provides an insight on the workshops and it’s multiple benefits.

Initially, we were approached by Ben Pender, Head of Drama at The Royal High School Bath, who wanted us to help his Year 10 GCSE Drama students create their own workshop which they could deliver to the schools new year 5 students, around the topic of ‘New Beginnings’.

I really liked this idea, how wonderful for the new Year 5’s to be introduced to the school by existing, more senior students! Also what an excellent opportunity for the Year 10 GCSE Drama class gain experience in devising and delivering their own workshop. But I believe the benefits of this idea go even deeper than that, as not only does it allow them to explore how to be creative with their own lesson ideas, but it is also a great confidence boost giving them an insight into what they may like to do in their future careers.

I wish I had been given this opportunity at such an young age!

It can often be taken for granted the talent and confidence it takes to deliver a successful creative workshop. I myself am guilty of such an oversight when thinking of our 15 talented individuals that make up our diverse team. Only when breaking down this craft can one truly identify the many different skills a workshop leader requires. However I believe that with the right tools, structure and understanding, one can deliver a stress free creative workshop to be enjoyed by all.

So, when working with the girls at RHSB we set out a simple ‘How To…’ structure, that can be easily transposed to any theme. This included the fundamentals of a workshop e.g. deciding on the different types of activities you might want to include, and also the important practical decisions e.g. where/ how you want the workshop participants to sit. We also explored elements of behaviour management, in particular how to control a vibrant, noisy environment.

Royal High School Bath 2

We challenged the girls to create their own activities, around the theme of ‘New Beginnings’, encouraging them to consider all the elements that we had discussed and also taking inspiration from their own experiences of being new, and what they felt they would have benefited from in those situations.

The results were fantastic! It was clear that the group all had creative, insightful ideas and with the addition of structure they were able to successfully create their own, unique activities.

The ideas and attention that these girls brought to our workshop were inspirational and it was a delight to teach them.  I wish them all the success with their workshop delivery and am sure they will be a true credit to their forward thinking school, who offer a variety of opportunities for their pupils.  Thinking outside the box when it comes to using creativity to benefit others.

Programme Information

This workshop now forms part of our ‘Workshop Masterclass’ programme, which is available for GCSE and A-Level students, which fits perfectly alongside any Theatre In Education (TIE) module.

For professional, undergraduates and Graduates we also have a more advanced training course available, “Using Creativity to Engage Young People”. Click Here to Find Our More!

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