The Triple R Anti-bullying Tour 2013 is NOW AVALIBLE TO BOOK!

The Triple R Anti-bullying Tour 2013 is NOW AVALIBLE TO BOOK!

Recognise, Report and Resolve all forms of Bullying….

Unique Voice are committed to enhancing young people’s emotional and social development through creative workshops. In 2012 Triple R was experienced by over 2,500 children in the UK!

With over half of the UK’s population of young people affected by bullying, Unique Voice aim to help strengthen your schools approach and equip your students with the confidence to challenge all forms of bullying.

The UK’s national anti-bullying campaign is only a week long! But due to the overwhelming success of last years Triple R tour, Unique Voice can officially announce that we are extending the Triple R Anti-bullying tour to a whole season! (September – December 2013)

What your school will receive

Each school we visit will receive a drama performance suitable for their key stage followed by an engaging and energetic workshop which explores the key messages surrounding anti-bullying for each participating class.

At the end of each workshop every class that we work with in your school will be assigned two anti-bullying champions, chosen by our workshop leaders. The champions then pledge to keep spreading the messages we have shared with them to the rest of the school.

In addition, primary schools are given a ‘Triple R Anti-bullying machine’, designed to allow the children to report bullying confidentially so that, with the help of their teachers, they can resolve the problem.

How does Triple R work?

The age appropriate performances have been inspired by young people’s accounts of bullying. Each character aims to highlight the impact that bullying can have and invites young people to explore the roles of everyone involved, with particular emphasis on bystanders.

Recognise: By helping young people identify the moment where bullying behaviour is demonstrated both within themselves and others.

Report: Its not easy to report a bullying situation, we help young people see the impact of talking about bullying and who and when they can do this with.

Resolve: A zero tolerance approach to bullying is what we help promote at your school. The Triple R projects aim to encourage positive attitudes, reinforce friendship values and empower young people to take a stand against bullying.

How to book:

Do not delay in reserving your schools Triple R visit.  Early booking is extremely important due to high demand!

Contact Us today with the key stage you would like us to visit, and a member of the Unique Voice Team will contact you directly to discuss your requirements.

Bookings made by 15th July will receive a 10% “Early Booker” discount!

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