Our Voice: How Drama Enhances Learning

Our Voice: How Drama Enhances Learning

How Drama Enhances Learning

Here at Unique Voice we tend to be very biased when it comes to celebrating anything to do with performance, theatre and drama. However, we are aware not everyone sees the world in such a dramatic fashion as we do so we have developed a creative programme specifically designed for children that struggle to engage in learning…. Throughout term 3 our very artistic workshop leaders have been working in Bristol schools doing just that.

Here’s what happened…..

Many of the children involved in the programme often have home/school life problems and in general struggled to work alongside, interact with peers. More than often they had low self esteem and confidence. None of the children necessarily requested to be part of the programme and usually would have opted out to participate in such an open, creative project.

The programme was developed to explore, identify and celebrate each individual child’s talents; a platform that boosted their confidence and challenged them to shout about it.

Through group work and physical exploration the children were urged to identify various forms of emotions through looking at day to day life. By exploring each child’s body language, facial expressions and tone of voice, each child was confronted with a mirror where they discovered what makes them tick and more importantly how to solve/make their situations better. Make no mistake, this discovery task is definitely one to have fun with and the children did! Subject to that, many surprised themselves. Some that usually found themselves outside the head teacher’s office found themselves being the centre of focus and praised by the same teacher at the end of the programme performance. A journey which the children created for themselves by using their positive thinking to guide them, their confidence to sustain them and their creative skills and talents to entertain them, which all lead them to feeling a happier more confident self.

OK, we are not saying these young people will debut in a Hollywood film in a few years (or maybe we are?!) but what we have concluded from this programme is that drama acts as a fantastic tool to creating, stimulating and motivating the minds of the young people we teach. The creative nature and individual contribution provides everyone with an opportunity to better themselves, whether that be in their home, school, friendship groups or just in their self. Here’s to the super stars in term 3 who not only impressed their teachers, Unique Voice and their parents with their achievements, but who also have set the bar for themselves to challenge, overcome and more importantly keep on achieving!


Krystal Keeley.