Our Bossing It! Programme

Our Bossing It! Programme

I’m so proud of the team, the young people and UV as an organisation for being a part of the ‘Bossing it’ programme.

We’ve enhanced what we know about how young people, particularly those affected by adversity, feel about aspirations. We’ve been able to listen and observe what it’s like to be a young person right now, and its reaffirmed how generic CV writing and role play for interviews doesn’t necessarily instil belief or confidence. Throughout the 12 week programme we discovered that working on self esteem and interests is key to unlocking potential. We’ve also seen first hand the power of providing inspiring and empathetic UV facilitators to deliver memorable and creative sessions.

We’ve learnt much more about the term ‘Bossing it’ – whilst implying courage and strength, we’ve learnt that by breaking down the attributes of a person who is ‘Bossing it’ we can involve more young people in a healthy conversation about strength of character and belief as opposed to only looking at examples of powerful woman that relate to status, money or fame. Together with the young people, we have unearthed terms like caring, nurturing, believing, resilience and much more. In just 12 weeks, the young people could see these attributes in each other but some still struggle to find them in themselves. That means we can’t stop now in our quest to give every young person the platform, support and safety to express what ‘Bossing it’ means for them.

Krystal Keeley – Company Director