Me + You returns to East Bristol!

Nine months after our initial Me + You tour in East Central, Unique Voice is returning with follow up sessions to support the fantastic work the children did with us last year.

There’s no denying we had a ball last autumn on this tour. The kids at every school were fantastic, their energy, enthusiasm and the way they thought about the issues involved in the project blew us away. But however brilliantly the children engaged- an hour workshop will NEVER give you time to hear all of their wonderful points!

This tour is slightly different to previous ones, in that we won’t be showing the children a performance at the start of the visit. But this time we will be asking them to cast their minds back to our first visit and to think again about the characters which captured their interest so well before.

The latest workshop revisits each of the three characters, Joe, Jessica and Becky, and explores further the situations they faced during the play.

Joe’s character gives us the opportunity to revisit controlling behaviour and look again at how people might control others. Equally, this time we are asking the children to delve further into the subtle ways this could be done and try to understand the motives behind this happening in the first place. By allowing the children to understand why people might control others, we give them a chance to have a greater awareness of their own behaviour whilst encouraging empathy for others.

Jessica’s character allows a real delve into the world of e-safety. Whilst young people use the internet increasingly frequently, many are still doing so in a way which could potentially be unsafe. It’s integral that we help young people protect themselves online, and perhaps the way to do this is to allow them to question for themselves the information they display online

Becky was representative of a supportive and caring friend, who persevered in her attempts to help her friend. Her character allows the children to really consider how they can be supportive friends to others, and to think about the sort of behaviour they expect and are willing to accept from their friends.

Whilst each of these themes were covered in our first visit, returning this month gives us time to really install them with the children we see. To invite them once again to think about how these issues relate to them, to their friendship groups and to their lives.

I for one, can’t wait to get back into this tour. Each and every school we visited was so great last year and the children did a brilliant job at investigating and exploring the themes of the play. A new workshop will doubtlessly bring new conversations, and with the children almost a year older than our last visit, events and experiences that have occurred this year may also influence their input to the sessions.

Don’t forget to check the blog in a few weeks for news about how the tour is going!


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