Help Enhance our Holiday Programmes

Help Enhance our Holiday Programmes

For almost 11 years now, Unique Voice has delivered free, targeted holiday provision in the South West. Providing a valuable place of safety and creativity for children and young people. And this summer will be no different, we are incredibly busy as our service continues to be in high demand.

We will be working with over 800 young people with face to face provision after securing funding from the Holiday Activity and Food Programme (HAF) which had been put in place to support disadvantaged families during the school holidays.

To help enhance what the young people will receive this summer we are in search of grants, donations or partnerships with local businesses who may be interested in supporting one or more of the following enhancements for the programmes.

Option 1 – Let’s go green!

Reusable Water Bottles

Ensure all young people accessing our community programmes have a reusable water bottle available that they can decorate, use and take home after they have attended our programmes. We would like to fund 800 bottles – perhaps featuring your Company logo alongside ours!

Option 2 – Let’s play!

Sensory Equipment

We would like to have more equipment available at the programme which supports the young people attending with specific needs.

This will impact accessibility and enhance the experience our young people have in the community. It will also support young people who may find attending the programme overwhelming and challenging.

Option 3 – Let’s eat!


The HAF funding means we can offer every young person a free and healthy lunch when they attend our programmes. We all know that snacks however are a vital part of anyone’s day and we would love to ensure every programme has an array of fresh fruit and snacks to fuel the children throughout the day.

Option 4 – Let’s get creative!

Activity Packs

Unique Voice activity packs typically address mental health and wellbeing through a series of creative activities. Resources are designed to support households who may have barriers to using the internet or creative materials. We’d love to gift every one of the 800 young people attending our programmes one of these so they keep creative, supported and busy for the rest of the holidays.

In return, you can be sure UV will…

✅ Mention you on our socials and yearly impact report to acknowledge your contribution

✅ Keep you posted on how your funding has made a difference at the programmes

✅ Provide fun facts on the impact you and your organisation has made

✅ Share photos and letters of thanks from our young people

For further information, please email UV at