Creative Communication Sessions- featuring a child’s point of view!

For the past six weeks, children at Parson Street Primary school, Bristol have been participating in sessions with Unique Voice; for this week’s blog, Sarah reflects on their journey and shares some feedback from the kids who took part.

From week one, Ruth and I knew we were going to have a great time with this year 6 group. Their respect for each other, their focus and their willingness to throw themselves into the sessions was wonderful.

The work we did with them this term was centred around their future careers and their upcoming transition to secondary school. I think it’s easy to forget how daunting it can be to look so far ahead, and whilst the children were clearly excited about moving on and looking ahead, they had lots of questions and were keen to explore all the opportunities out there. Both classes had already been thinking about potential careers they could enter into, which meant we were able to work really specifically to make each activity all the more relevant to them and their ambitions.

“With your help I have thought about the future and thought of obstacles that I could face on the way.”

Something I love about this scheme is the way it allows the children to think realistically about their futures without scaring them or leaving them feeling daunted about all that lies ahead for them; whilst we look at obstacles that could get in their way, more focus is placed upon looking at how to get past these, in terms of both avoiding negative influences, building resilience and perseverance, and giving the children key skills such as enabling them to make great first impressions.

“This experience has been brilliant and I have learnt loads.”

Because so much of the work (whilst facilitated by Unique Voice leaders) comes from the children themselves, they showed a fantastic ownership of all they had explored this term. They shared their dreams with us, and we were able to look specifically at each of their ambitions- crafting potential career pathways in the form of computer games, thinking about specific skills they might need to obtain and exploring the different routes they could take to reach these goals.

But aside from all the specific messages the scheme provides, we have also seen a wonderful progression in all the children in terms of their confidence and performance skills. Watching their performance today I actually felt quite emotional; some children, who in week 1 were reluctant to share their work with their class, performed confidently and with pride today in front of not just their year group- but the whole school and several of their parents.

“During the past few weeks you have taught me to have more confidence in myself when I am doing drama and also in my inner self because I am normally really shy but you gave me a boost for drama skills.”

At every stage both Ruth and myself were so impressed with the generosity and maturity shown from each and every child. I could not have been more proud of all they have achieved in the past six weeks and we wish them all the best at their new schools in September!

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