Connected at Fairfield High School!

Connected at Fairfield High School!

‘We have just finished working on the Connected project with Unique Voice and our students have been totally inspired.

Not only are our ‘E Safety Champions’ well informed about E Safety and ready to continue their work in ensuring Fairfield and its students stay safe online, but they have passed on valuation information to another generation in our local primary schools as well as to their parents and peers. Their confidence has grown massively too.

The Unique Voice Team are dynamic, inspiring, well organized and completely dedicated to their work and ensuring students have the best possible experience. We look forward to working with them again soon!’

Kelly Harmer
Business Development at Fairfield High School

“Connected” is currently the ONLY programme of its type dedicated to educating schools, students and parents on the ever evolving online world.

Having recently visited Bedminster Down and Orchard School, last term the “Connected” Roadshow landed at Fairfield High School!

Selected students from Fairfield were trained by Unique Voice as “E-Safety Champions” and toured local primary schools spreading their knowledge to younger students, alongside Unique Voice actors, Sarah and Henry.

We are so immensely proud of our fabulous Fairfield E-safety Champions and their amazing work! They went above and beyond expectations and set such an inspirational example to the younger students and wider community.

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Connected Concert

In true Unique Voice style, the E-safety roadshow concluded with a concert, hosted by Fairfield High School. The local community were invited to share in the fun, including drama, comedy sketches, beat poetry, dance, all with the aim of equipping Bristol with their current take on E-safety!

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The concert concluded with the E-Safety Pledge where Fairfield High School, The Early Help Team, The E-Safety Champions, Unique Voice and local primary schools all pledged to stay “Connected”.

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Company Director of Unique Voice, Krystal Keeley says:

“To help young people stay safe online, we believe you need to connect with them and listen to their experiences. From there we can move forward and equip them with the tools to protect and empower themselves and each other.”

Early Help Team, Caroline Donald says:

“E Safety is an issue we encounter constantly when working with children and families. We are delighted to support and promote such an innovative project which enables children and young people to become more informed and proactive about using the internet safely, whilst continuing to enjoy the opportunities that the internet provides.”

Stay Connected!

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For advice and useful links, please see our E-safety Top Tips for Parents

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