Bossing It – An open letter

Bossing It – An open letter

Bossing It is a Unique Voice programme delivered in schools with Year 10 and 11 girls. The programme aims to empower and engage girls in making positive life choices and building confidence. Cleo is a Bossing It facilitator and has recently finished supporting the delivery of the programme with groups of girls in Hartcliffe, Bristol. Below is an open letter Cleo wrote to share her thoughts and experiences working with the inspiring young people at Merchant’s Academy. Huge thank you to the Bossing It team who are underway with the next round of Bossing It programmes in Bristol and South Glos.


“Working with the girls at Merchant’s Academy over the last few months has been a real pleasure, and it’s been brilliant getting to know them. In what has really been a relatively small amount of time, we’ve covered all kinds of topics – from work and school, relationships and self-care to feminism and the realities of living as a woman today. Some of the conversations we’ve had have been quite complex but I think this group has a way of making difficult conversations entertaining. They have really risen to the challenge in terms of considering new ideas and sharing their authentic experiences and beliefs. 


I hope we will be able to continue this work we’ve started together, not just because it’s been fun but also because I think that there’s still a lot to talk about. Regardless, I wanted to say a massive well done to every one of them for their contributions to our sessions and a huge thank you for making myself and the other Unique Voice staff feel welcome.


I think what has struck me most about this group is the strength of character of every person in it. Each girl is funny, opinionated, intelligent, well presented and every single one of them has something unique to give that no one else can. I would urge them to believe these things and try not to feel the need to hold back or censor themselves. I hope that if they take anything from this programme, it will be to trust their instincts and to work hard not to please other people but for themselves. I wish them the very best of luck for the future and I hope we meet again soon!”