Young Carers: It’s About Time to be Heard

Young Carers: It’s About Time to be Heard

Last week saw our Company Directors, Krystal, Claire and Cat, taking part in one of the most inspirational projects in Unique Voice history.

As the Cooperative Membership’s chosen ‘Charity of the Year’, Carers Trust are giving Young Adult Carers the chance to speak out with a new 3-year initiative called, ‘Time to be Heard’. Unique Voice are extremely proud to be a part of this project and last week joined a group of Young Adult Carers for a residential week in Orpington.

The week began in true Unique Voice style, with lots of fun drama games and icebreakers for the group to really get to know each other. The Young Adult Carers were then given an open platform to share their experiences. They talked about what they found hard and we asked them what they would like to see changed.

“We never assumed that they would share their stories with us in the way that they did. The whole team were extremely inspired and are now driven to make a film that can empower and promote change. Their voices have to be heard – that alone speaks volumes over any current policy or legislation.”

Krystal Keeley, Company Director

The Young Adult Carers worked with Unique Voice and Langridge Films over the week to create an inspirational film which will be aired in Parliament in January 2014, in the hope that their voices will be heard and changes will be put in place. The ideas for the film came completely from the young people themselves and hits home their feelings around these 3 main points :

  • Why you NEED to hear us
  • This is what you need to hear
  • If I’m not heard… these WILL BE the consequences…

In the film, they describe a Carer to be like a Lion – always looking out for and protecting their cubs.

Well, now it’s time to hear these lions roar!

Time to be heard2

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