What Schools Are Saying about the Young Carers Project

Last week, Unique Voice along with the Young Carers Support Centre launched “A Day in the Life Of Me” which consisted of a drama performance and follow up workshops to young people in the South West.

‘A Day in the Life of Me’ explores the contrast of a young carers daily routine, stresses and conflicts, to that of other young people.  It also looks to help educational settings to identify young carers and for staff and pupils to recognise, understand and support the young carers that make up their school community.

The tour has launched and to find out how the project has impacted we asked the latest Primary School visit to step up and tell us what they think!

“Our thanks are to Unique Voice for providing such a professional drama and workshops.  I felt the play was perfectly pitched and was very thought provoking. The children got a lot from both the drama and the workshops and they also felt it reinforced my role should any of them want to talk about any worries they have re themselves or others.  The teachers who were standing in were both very impressed with the play and the way the workshops were delivered and handled.I will certainly highly recommend your Theatre Company whenever I can and would be interested in receiving any further information regarding the services of Unique Voice”

Sally Sibley, Mangotsfield Primary, South Gloucestershire


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