What is it all about?: A Unique Voice After School Drama Club at Fair Furlong Primary School

What is it all about?: A Unique Voice After School Drama Club at Fair Furlong Primary School

Our fun, fabulous and fantastic workshop leader Ruth Stokes tells us all about her wonderful ‘Unique Voice After School Drama Club’ at Fair Furlong Primary School.  Fair Furlong have held a ‘Unique Voice After School Drama Club’ for three star filled terms and Ruth has been there to see all their fantastic work.  She has truly made it a club for all to enjoy !

I’m Ruth and I run an After School Club at Fair Furlong on a Monday, with my friend Cat.

We love to start drama club by playing games, and we also love to sing songs!

These weekly, fun packed clubs work towards a performance at the end of term. This gives the children a chance to show their hard work to proud parents (it is two weeks until the children at Fair Furlong perform!)

Each term, drama club focuses on a certain theme. We are looking at heroes this term. The children came dressed as their heroes, which included: mums, dads, little brothers and even fictional super heroes (their costumes were fantastic!) It was lovely finding out who their heroes are!

We also looked at Heroes from the past, including: Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa. All of these people have left their mark in our history through their heroic and brave deeds.

All the children at club have the potential to be heroes. At this week’s club, it was lovely hearing what they would like to do to change the world, leaving their own heroic mark in our history.

This term I’ve seen all the children at my club come such a long way, it’s been fantastic watching each child grow more confident.

Most of all, I love that my job involves me getting to act like a big kid J.


Ruth Stokes

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