Unique Voice Going East

Unique Voice Going East

Today marks the first day of the Unique Voice tour of selected East Central schools with our adapted Me+You production.  Company director, Krystal Keeley takes this opportunity to reflect on the journey that the company have embarked on to adapt the production for a new and diverse community.

I’m often asked what is Me+You=4Eva about, what age group it’s for, what’s its aim, where has it impacted, what time are you arriving? But, one question I haven’t heard up until now is “Is Me+You=4Eva suitable for our communities?”

In order to consider Me+You=4Eva visiting east central schools this question is the only one framing the next journey this play is about to embark on. The process up until this point has been meetings, do’s and dont’s and so much research into the diversity, expectations and opinions of the mix communities in Bristol. I’m not forgetting the very challenging task of changing and adapting the current version of Me+You into a diverse and universal performance without losing the core aims and values it’s so widely recognised and known for. Tricky isn’t the word!

Among the language alterations, terminology and references it couldn’t and must not ever lose the original aim: “To raise awareness of happy, healthy relationships to young people, everywhere”. I’m proud to say we are almost there. The performance is ready, the training is in place, the support from the council, professionals and teachers has been incredible and our leaders are ready to embark on what up until now has been the unknown.

I’m sure we will keep everyone updated on this journey, I’m sure there will be difficult moments but something I’m sure about more than anything else is that it’s needed. Regardless of faith, gender, religion, situation or financial status, every child is entailed to learn and recognise what a happy relationship consists of. This journey, however complex, shares that purpose and intention and I’m delighted it’s the job of Unique Voice and our wonderfully talented actors and leaders to do just that.

Stay tuned!


Krystal Keeley

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