Unique Voice Ambassadors at Bristol Harbour Festival

Unique Voice Ambassadors at Bristol Harbour Festival

Unique Voice were delighted be to be a part of last months Bristol Harbour Festival. As a creative company in Bristol we were proud to join the annual event. To mark the occasion we thought it would be great to invite some of the lovely children that we teach from after school clubs, except these children had a very special invite that came with a very special title, a Unique Voice Ambassador.

Every week the Unique Voice office is filled with stories, quotes and the sharing of experiences from the various services we provide. This traffic of news can have a number of effects on the leaders. Happiness, inspiration, pride are just a few. I have run and assisted clubs myself so I know how fulfilling this news can be, not just feeling good in my delivery as a leader but knowing I’ve made a small difference in children’s aspirations, development or talents. I now visit all the clubs regularly and without hesitation our ever so talented leaders always have their stories to tell me, those events to recall and beam with pride about. And so they should, our leaders work incredibly hard and their passion for drama, development and boasting children’s confidence is infectious.

I think about how we are all so greatly rewarded with the work we produce at Unique Voice. Of course it can be challenging to write new schemes, grow and develop the company as a team, support our leaders to be the best they can be, but ultimately, I’m sure the whole team will agree that with inspiring children like ours it’s not hard to want to scream how fantastic they are from the school gate! That being said I don’t think this would go down well with the teachers!

But how does this pride translate to the children we teach. Of course our leaders continuously praise their efforts, award certificates, support and nurture their development, but we needed something that officially stamped them with brilliance.  I asked every leader to pick a couple of children that had really inspired them, showed significant development and was just an outstanding role model at their club. These were to become “Unique Voice Ambassadors”. Within seconds of me typing the memo out to the leaders I already had flashing new emails in my inbox. These children weren’t picked under pressure; these leaders without hesitation knew instantly the children I’m referring to. Some leaders twisted my arm to allow for extra ambassadors to join as all the clubs are overflowed with the children we were looking for. My arm was twisted but it was too hard to say no! When the week drew to a close we had 12 ambassador names branching from 4 different after school clubs.

As I looked down the list of names I was instantly aware that this group was very special. Amongst them were budding actors, helpful and caring friends, talented singers, skilful dancers, good speakers, fantastic listeners and so on. But one factor they all hold in common is that their efforts and contribution in drama club has been truly inspirational.

The leaders informed the chosen children and they were all officially named unique voice ambassadors at recent after school clubs end of term performances. Stamped with a special Unique Voice badge and certificate we decided to invite these remarkable children along to our stand at Harbour Side.

Supported by our leaders the ambassadors rocked up on Saturday at Harbour Side and put on an impressive show around the theme “Heroes”. Their confidence, witty one liners and creativity meant we had a performance ready to show parents and festival goers in just over an hour!

It was then that I really understood how much this title really meant to the children themselves. Very often we teach children who haven’t discovered their self esteem, direction or talents. On Saturday I watched children that perhaps previously had lost or not discovered their confidence in the past but now represented something different and extremely positive, they are now ambassadors. These children are now leading the way in inspiring their generation but also keeping older generations in the loop, on their toes and beaming with pride.


Krystal Keeley