Technical Knowledge Vs Emotional Resilience

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Helping Hand
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Online Safety, Anti-Bullying

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A Helping Hand - Technical Knowledge Vs Emotional Resilience

Online Safety – as an increasingly important focus for schools, the advice available is also becoming more extensive. Our Helping Hand documents are designed to condense that information to help you have exactly what you need at your fingertips. We have clearly signposted to the source of any advice and quotes which are not our own.

As a company we have worked extensively with children and schools on the subject of online safety and feel we have knowledge to share. Our good practice has been tried and tested, with very positive results.

Within this document we are discussing the importance of emotional resilience. We believe that by having strong morals, self respect and self esteem, a grounded confidence and trust in our own judgments and actions we are lead to make positive, safer choices. This is at the base of all our work and is intrinsic in our company ethos.

Children are faced with many challenges, and will of course experiment with those around them. We believe that nurturing this and allowing open truthful discussions is the most effective method to keep our children safe.

We hope this document helps you in your online safety challenges now and in the future. The skills learnt cover anti-bullying and online safety for key stages KS1, KS2 and KS3.

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