A Day in the Life of … A Unique Voice Workshop Leader

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Ever wondered what it was like to live a day in the life of Suzanne Booth?  Well, wonder no more

Our Voice: How Drama Enhances Learning

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How Drama Enhances Learning

Here at Unique Voice we tend to be very biased when it

Unique Voice in the News: BAND News- Spring Half Term 2012

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Unique Voice – Theatre in Education

Unique Voice, proud members of BAND (Bristol Association for Neighbourhood

Patrick Stewart visits a Bristol Secondary School to support Me + You = 4eva

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Unique Voice patron, Sir Patrick Stewart visited Oasis Academy John Williams today to see Me + You = 4eva in

What’s it all about? : Hot seating for stress busting

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With our Unique Voice Creative Communication Classes being so prevalent in Schools across Bristol this term. Sarah reflects

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