What is it all about? – Unique Voice After School Drama Club

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After School Drama Club

BANANAS OF THE WORLD UNITE! Peel banana, peel peel banana… Just one of

We Love Drama Club!

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Here at Unique Voice we love “Drama Club”.  Now in it’s fourth consecutive term we are pleased to announce the

Schools Have Their Say! Hillcrest Primary School on Me+You=4eva

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Hillcrest Primary School in Bristol have their say on our project Me+You=4eva.  Read more to find out what deputy head

A Day in the Life of … A Unique Voice Workshop Leader

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Ever wondered what it was like to live a day in the life of Suzanne Booth?  Well, wonder no more

Our Voice: How Drama Enhances Learning

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How Drama Enhances Learning

Here at Unique Voice we tend to be very biased when it

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