Our Supporters

The support we receive from donors and funders enables us to support hundreds of young people in Bristol each year. Our programmes are 100% targeted for young people that have experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACE), which means that any money we raise directly goes to supporting the young people that need it most. 

With the demand for our services growing and the fundraising climate getting tougher, we are extremely grateful for any donations, grants and volunteers that we receive from any organisation or individual. We can not thank the people and organisations listed below enough for allowing us to continue to provide these much needed provisions for Bristol’s Young People. 

[evc_flip_image image=”5886″ image_size=”full” text=”Astra Security LTD. made a donation to our #HELP100 campaign and sponsored a child to receive 100 hours of free creative our of school provision over the course of a year.” content_bg_color=”#00bbf4″]
[evc_flip_image image=”5917″ image_size=”full” text=”Bristol Wanderers made a donation to our #HELP100 campaign providing vital funds for our free out of school holiday programmes for young people in Bristol.” content_bg_color=”#00bbf4″]
[evc_flip_image image=”5919″ image_size=”full” text=”Kates Kitchen provided 200 free healthy lunchtime meals for the young people who attended our Easter holiday programmes.” content_bg_color=”#00bbf4″]
[evc_flip_image image=”5922″ image_size=”full” text=”Joseph King Interiors sponsored our Annual Summer Party in 2019 where we managed to raise over £7000.” content_bg_color=”#00bbf4″]
[evc_flip_image image=”5928″ image_size=”full” text=”Lunar Optical hosted a summer company party to raise funds for our #help100 campaign. They raised £1590.00!” content_bg_color=”#00bbf4″]
[evc_flip_image image=”5930″ image_size=”full” text=”Tesco, Golden Hill have raised funds for our #Help100 campaign in their ongoing book sale, why not pop down and grab yourself a bargain?” content_bg_color=”#00bbf4″]
[evc_flip_image image=”5932″ image_size=”full” text=”Luke Hartley & Mark Dawnay raised over £2000.00 by running the Bristol half marathon having us as their chosen cause. ” content_bg_color=”#00bbf4″]



We have 7 years of experience working with the disadvantaged children in our communities, because of this we have strong relationships with many agencies and schools who we work together with to ensure children are as protected and nurtured as possible. 

By taking part in our stimulating and creative activities, children are able to develop better communication and social skills – and are given an opportunity to express themselves. Having increased confidence and self-worth can help tackle low self esteem, which often occurs in vulnerable young people.   

Making new friends and having new experiences can really help broaden young people’s horizons, showing them that there are many different opportunities in life and many alternative paths they can follow. Often making new friends from different schools can be very healthy for marginalised young people when breaking stereotypes and relieving prejudices. 

All of the activities that the young people take part in are accessible and designed for all abilities. This, coupled with the leaders excellent behaviour management skills and compassion, creates a safe and stimulating space for children to enjoy and flourish in.