Our Stars of the term (all 240 of them!)

With the end of term drawing close, Sarah blogs this week about the huge achievements that have been made throughout the Unique Voice After School Clubs, and the huge leaps forward that so many of our children have made.

Once again we find ourselves at the end of term. The past 6 weeks have certainly flown by again, with a wonderful lot of after school clubs, old and new. With each end of term performance comes the awarding of Star of the terms and the recruitment of new ambassadors, and this term in particular I have spent hours trying to figure out who these awards should go to- because the children in each club have all been phenomenal. So many children deserve the recognition, and often for vastly different reasons. Star of the term awards usually go to either a child who has been consistently brilliant over the course of the term, or to someone who has come on leaps and bounds, whilst Ambassador’s are usually children who do a lot to inspire the rest of the club in a positive way, this might include behaviour, focus, enthusiasm or effort.

Even if I think of just one of the clubs I teach, the achievements of its members are inspirational. There’s S who, since week one, has given wonderful performances, shown technically brilliant acting skills and has clearly inspired many other members of the club to push themselves and grow in confidence. Then there’s N who was painfully shy in week one, but week by week has worked to push herself to delve further into the activities and let go of her inhibitions. H on the other hand, is wonderfully free in her involvement, she doesn’t seem to mind what part she plays in an activity, but always throws herself into everything with gusto and enjoyment. C didn’t always seem sure of himself in club, and initially was unfocussed during the sessions, but in recent weeks he has really channelled his energy into the sessions and, I think, surprised himself at just how capable he is.

So how do you choose between each of these children? Well it’s no easy task. I guess one of the things I think about is the degree of achievement with regards to each individual child. I also have a habit of creating new awards to allow more children the recognition they deserve, (in the past we’ve had Best Comic Expression and Best Alien Voice!) and despite their somewhat comic element, they still mean a lot to the kids!

A new addition to this term has been the ‘Unique Voice Artist of the Term’ competition. Every child in drama club was invited to enter a piece of art on the theme their club was looking at this term. We received loads of brilliant entries about Movies, Skills, Creativity and Storytelling, and the entries I saw had obviously taken a lot of effort! Whilst I can’t reveal the winner just yet, the winning entries from each school, as well as the overall winner will be live on the UV website next week!

I can’t wait to see all the children shine in their performances next week, they’ve worked so hard, and deserve huge congratulations for their achievements.

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