Students will be given the opportunity to examine and reflect upon their current and potential future online activity. In order to gain an understanding of the impact this behaviour may have upon how they are perceived by others and as their aspirations for their future selves.

Students will explore how they use the internet as they encounter a variety of content, ensuring they are doing so in a both a positive and safe manner. Focusing on subjects such as, control settings, passwords and privacy.
Problems in the online world are often driven by user behaviour, rather than the technology itself. Therefore Unique Voice will ensure to develop the emotional resilience and knowledge of your students to enable them to make mature decisions in the online world, when faced with issues such as cyber bullying.
Unique voice will empower your students with a confidence to make sensible and informed choices when using the internet. Enabling them to challenge the sources and information they are presented with online, in order to form their own educated decisions and opinions. Focusing on issues such as, fake news and false data.


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