Me+You=4Eva – Who We Are Visiting This Week!

Me+You=4Eva is kicking off again this week with Unique Voice visiting four North Bristol schools.  This week also marks Unique Voice welcoming back Actor and Workshop Leader Simon Batchelor, who will be play the character of Joe for the remainder of the ‘Bristol North  1’ tour dates.

The team performed Me+You=4Eva and conducted workshops at Henbury Court Primary School this morning.  The school rated the production 5 out of 5 and made the following comment:

“ A simply excellent workshop. ALL Children engaged even ones that are usually really self conscious. Fantastic!” –  * * * * * Henbury Court Primary School, 05/2012

Over the next couple of days the team will be visiting Brentry, Blaise  and Little Mead Primary School. This tour has been supported and funded by Bristol City Council North Extended Service.

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