The Mental Health Toolkit
Year 3

Chapter 1: Emotional Regulation


The Mental Health Toolkit (MHT) is a trauma sensitive PSHE scheme of work for Key Stage 2. Chapter 1, Adventures on the Inside is made up of:

  • An original, animated film
  • 6 x lesson plans for each year group in KS2 (Years 3, 4, 5 & 6)
  • Additional supporting materials such as presentations for teachers, printable resources and much more.

This is a creative scheme of work which uses storytelling, games, drama, art, music, and discussions to underpin the learning in an accessible and fun way. The MHT has been developed in partnership with mental health professionals and is in accordance with the most recent OFSTED framework and its renewed focus on the whole child. It covers all aspects of the mental health and wellbeing sections of the KS2 PSHE curriculum.

Example Curriculum


Teacher Guidance

Lesson Plans

Introduction Lesson (21:00)

Lesson 1 – Trusted Adults (3:08)

Lesson 2 – Body Sensations (5:34)

Lesson 3 – Core Emotions (2:56)

Lesson 4 – Reactions (4:44)

Lesson 5 – Emotional Regulation Toolkit (2:08)

Lesson 6 – My Adventure On The Inside (3:59)

Supporting Materials

All Parent and Carer Resources

All Weekly Exercise Sheets

All Weekly Presentations