Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness week is happening from 18th until 22nd May 2020. What will you be doing in your setting?

We will be touring schools delivering Mental Health assemblies with the aim of giving young people and schools the tools to create an environment where children and adults alike can feel safe and supported in their mental health.

You and your students spend around 30-50 hours a week within your school walls. Therefore it is of great importance to create a respectful, calm environment, where interventions and initiatives are in place to allow every person to understand, talk about, and process emotions
and stress.

We use performance and creative methods to discuss these topics, making them accessible and highly impactful. The assemblies we offer within our programme explore the key themes of;








During your school’s Mental Health programme, the day will start with an age appropriate, thought provoking performance to either KS1 or KS2* in your main hall. We portray real life issues through creative and child friendly stories, fuelled with characters representing a relatable scenario. 
*There are separate programmes for KS1 / KS2, Every year the content of the programme adapts with the challenges relating to the issues young people may face in regards to their Mental Health, this is inspired by our data, knowledge and the Mental Health Awareness Week theme. 


Anyone that makes the choice to have Unique Voice visit during our Mental Health Tour will receive an extensive resource pack designed to promote positive mental well being for everyone in your setting, not just the children. It includes the following; follow on creative educational activities and resources that can be used by teachers in the classroom environment (including cross curriculum activities, whole school campaign ideas, display ideas, posters, leaflets, support guidance.

What is included in your school’s Mental Health programme is dependant on which package you choose.

Please see below for the package options.

*Please note, prices can vary dependant on your setting. We are able to build a bespoke service for your school to troubleshoot and target your school’s priority PSHE topics. Contact us today for a personalised quotation.