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We are often commissioned by organisations hoping to add creativity to their service. We have the ability to convert challenging messages through various forms or art, which is an effective, accessible and innovative way to achieve learning objectives.

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‘What Would You Do?’ is a pioneering crime prevention programme. We work with 9-10 year olds in schools across the South West delivering drama based workshops, followed by a showcase of their learning in a local performance venue. The project is an early intervention to grooming for gang crime (including country lines), online safety, healthy relationships, mob mentality and exploitation. Within weekly sessions the children experience these themes through participatory led work, sharing their knowledge through performances and films; thus advocating key messages back to their family members and wider community either on the main stage or through community films.

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The programme has benefitted over 2000 young people and a number of communities across the South West and has evidenced significant outcomes in both young people’s wellbeing, PSHE development and local crime reporting by parents/ carers.

The main objective of this project is to provide young people with the knowledge and resilience to understand and report crime. This will enable them to look at how they can make their community a safer and better place to be in, and to help them make an informed choice when faced with difficult challenges or decisions.

Details of how the charity Crimestoppers works and the promotion of the 0800 555 111 telephone number is an important part of this project which the young people showcase to parents and carers.

Participating Schools

Millpond Primary School

St Werburghs Primary School

St Barnabas Primary School

Summerhill Primary School

St Barnabas Primary School

St Werburghs Primary School

Broomhill Primary School

West Town Lane Academy

Wicklea Academy

Kingfisher Academy

Millpond Primary School

Bannerman Road Academy

Oasis Academy Connaught

Hareclive Academy

Ilminster Academy

Frome Vale Academy

Christ the King Primary School

May Park Primary School

Filton Avenue Primary School

Walliscote Primary School

Windwhistle Primary School

Milton Park Primary School 

Bournville Primary School 

Greenfield EACT Academy

Fair Furlong Primary School

Victoria Park Primary School

Sea Mills Primary School

St Peters C of E Primary School

Nova Primary School


Hamp Academy

Somerset Bridge Primary School

Bridgwater College Academy

Blackhorse Primary School 

Wallscourt Farm Academy

St Michaels C of E Primary School

Teacher Testimonials

"What Would You Do? has given the children in our class an opportunity to develop their understanding of how to play an important role in their community. Through ongoing role plays and discussion, children have learnt what behaviour is acceptable and what is not. More important, they have developed an understanding of what to do if they see people behaving in inappropriate and unacceptable ways. They now know who crime stoppers are and how to contact them. The sessions have also helped the children develop their confidence in acting and sharing ideas in front of their peers. This has been a valuable experience. Thank you". 
Gemma DarbySt Werburghs Primary School
The children of Saint Barnabas have immensely enjoyed their time spent with unique voice over the last couple of months. Due to the interactive nature and structure of the activities, all children have achieved great things in terms of performance, confidence, and understanding of the issues which affect us all. The safe environment, which unique voice has fostered, enabled the children to explore their feelings and responses to real life situations.
Micheal Cromney and Alison CampSt Barnabas Primary School

So far in 2019’s What Would You Do? programme, the Bridgwater programme completed with great success on the 27th March. Over 60 young people from Bridgwater took to the stage at The McMillan Theatre to showcase their learning.

The WWYD programme has been empowering young people across 3 of Bridgwater’s primary schools (Bridgwater College Academy, Hamp Academy and Somerset Bridge Primary). Over a course of 6 weeks, we delivered workshops in the schools  to teach the children how to advocate safe messages around the subjects of knife crime, hate crime and healthy relationships, all taught through the use of the arts. Children from each school were selected to represent their school and champion in one of the subjects by performing a creative section on the night to empower their community with their knowledge.

We are now delivering workshops in 3 schools across South Gloucestershire (Blackhorse Primary School, Wallscourt Farm Academy and St Michaels CE VC Primary School). They will showcase their learning through a performance to their families at UWE Conference Centre on 25th June 2019.



What Would You Do? Full 2017 film!

The 2017 What Would You Do? programme completed with great success on the 26th April with a film premier at Ashton Gate Stadium with a whopping 800 guests!

The program was multi-layered process, working with the year 5 children of 8 Bristol schools. Unique Voice facilitated creative, educational workshops where children explored some of the issues they face within their communities. Being given the opportunity to talk openly about their concerns and the resolutions they can achieve gives children the opportunity to be safer and more responsible as they grow up.

Once the term of workshops concluded, the children then shared their learning through acting to film. Company Director Claire Farnham filmed the children and chaptered their learning in to the 5 powerful short films to the right.

The premier at Ashton Gate Stadium was a showcase of success, celebrating the children’s achievements and learning. Alongside this it continued to raise the awareness to the local community of the challenges that young people face and how to help reduce and report crime.

What Would You Do? Full 2017 film!

2017 photos

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