Unique Voice in Early Intervention

Working with children is a privilege and a responsibility. We are aiding their understanding of the world, their believe in themselves, and their ability to form relationships.

We believe that early intervention is often necessary to help children understand, and become resilient too, challenging subjects before they become an issue in their lives. There are, and always have been, huge pressures on young people to perform well, achieve highly, and be respectful contributing citizens.

By helping them to build resilience, confidence and understanding of social and emotional topics, we can support them by giving them the tools to overcome hurdles and recognise the difference between right and wrong.

Hate crime

We address current tensions in the community, this often includes cultural differences, language barriers and repeated intergenerational issues. Working with multiple agencies such as local charities and the police, we educate children and challenge stereotypical views with thought provoking, community led programmes. Some of more prominent tensions we are encountering include Post-Brexit hate crime, racism due to terrorism and radicalisation, child grooming for gangs and child sexual exploitation. Big challenges – but ones which we tackle from the root by planting seeds of change, with the hope of uniting people from all walks of life.

Healthy & unhealthy relationship

We have equipped thousands of young people with the tools to identify healthy and unhealthy relationships. Our tried and tested early intervention programme ‘Me+You=4Eva’ tours local schools with a performance and workshop model. There are two variations of the programme which we created to be culturally sensitive and accurate for Bristols’ diverse communities.

Emotional Resilience

A large number of our projects involve building emotional resilience, helping children to gain the tools they need to deal with the varying pressures and difficulties life can bring.

We believe that if children can understand and deal with their own emotions, and gain empathy for others, they will have the ability to build strong relationships, gain a sense of well-being and succeed.

Commissioning Unique Voice

We are often commissioned by organisations hoping to add creativity to their service. We have the ability to convert challenging messages through various forms or art, which is an effective, accessible and innovative way to achieve learning objectives.

Examples of previous and current projects:

What Would You Do?

West Country Crimestoppers in partnership with Avon and Somerset Police have commissioned Unique Voice to run ‘What Would You Do?’. Now in it’s third year, this project works with eight Bristol schools in an effort to empower young people to cope with some of the challenges that they face today in their community.

This innovative project aims to educate communities far and wide on the importance of being a positive citizen and reporting crime efficiently.

Troubled Families Bristol City Council

We were approached by Bristol City Council in 2015 to have a creative input in the launch of the ‘Troubled Families’ system.

Working together we developed a short performance which framed the conference – the performance showed an example of a family the key workers may encounter. This enabled the conference leads to discuss the characters.


We worked with 16-25 Independent People’s on their Cash-pointer project.

At Oasis John Williams Academy, we recruited a group of young people – working with them over a period of 6 weeks we enhanced their knowledge on financial capability. We then guided the children in devising a performance showcasing their learning. The children then performed this at their own school, at a local primary school and at a community centre.

The project was huge success and the children’s learning was outstanding.