We know how important these periods of time are for you and your teaching, but that you are also committed to ensuring your students are stimulated, safe and learning whilst you are away from them. That’s where we come in.

Unique Voice are trusted and experienced when it comes to working with primary school children – using creativity as a medium to teach a variety of different subjects keeps young people engaged and having fun, at the same time as developing and learning effectively.

Well known for our professionalism and reliability, and for being dedicated to the emotional and academic education of children, we are able to utilise your PPA time effectively by focusing on a variety of different subjects:

Personal, Social and Health Education – Matters of emotional education, this can be anything from anti-bullying and e-safety to exam pressure and resilience. You choose the topics relevant to your children.

Bringing stories to life, learning to write creatively – understanding the importance and the gift of reading and writing.

Dance routines, running away from monsters, jumping over mountains – give your students something different from their typical PE lessons, make it creative!

Drawing, painting, papier-mâché, drama, up-cycling rubbish, script writing, film making – unleash their imaginations in our creativity sessions.

Something your students struggle with in particular? Our practitioners can help them with revision of subjects you have already taught them.

Inclusive Programmes

By using the Arts we are able to engage with people with many different learning abilities, languages, life experiences and backgrounds. Creativity gives us a tool which is fun and interactive, which people are drawn to participate in. It gives us the ability to openly discuss challenging subjects and for participants to experience the impact their actions could have on others in a safe environment.

There is no skill level, or academic achievement required for children to partake in our projects, we concentrate on emotions, the effects our actions can cause, and the importance of empathy, compassion and kindness.


Our facilitators are young, energetic, full of enthusiasm, experience and knowledge. We hold an absolute guarantee that your school will always receive two staff members for your sessions. Not only do the staff have the ability to engage children effectively, but they are also well known for the rapport they build, the children respect them and enjoy their company, and, in turn have a fabulous time in sessions.

A Creative Approach To Education

Using the Arts for an Educational purpose is a powerful tool to stimulate cognitive development and trigger reflection on different phenomena from a variety of points of view. It also promotes the use of different forms of communication, which other subject areas do not. When actively used in the classroom, in the way that we do it for instance, Art can often create a fertile thinking environment in which all learners have opportunities to share views and feelings about issues that cannot often be seen in the here and now.

The use of participatory drama and creativity in teaching could be argued to be an excellent tool for the fostering of meaningful and long- term learning as well.

Evaluation & Monitoring

Every project we run, we evaluate. We understand the huge importance of proving the impact of our work, not just for ourselves but for those who purchase our services. We monitor and evaluate the project to a high standard, providing the school with a detailed monitoring report for them to learn from and show to the community and Ofsted.

Through our evaluations of PPA sessions, you will gain an extensive insight into the children’s learning and development. The students will partake in short questionnaires* throughout their journey, which will document their understanding of the subjects being covered. Alongside this the facilitators document the children’s learning through monitoring reports.

*Gold Package Cover only