Being a Unique Voice Volunteer: Marta Pacini – My Work Experience with Unique Voice

As we open the opportunity for Unique Voice Volunteers, giving you a taste of the experience you may gain from this opportunity is Marta Pacini, who joined us for some voluntary work experience at the end of the last academic year.  Read more to hear all about what Marta got up to on her week with Unique Voice.

Where to begin? My work experience week with Unique Voice was just brilliant. Company director Krystal Keeley devised a schedule for me so that I would get a taste of all the different aspects of the work that Unique Voice, which meant that I spent roughly half of the time in the office and the other half in schools. In the office I learnt how to devise and present a project, how to write an after school drama club plan and a press release, how to calculate a project budget and look for funding… There are so many useful things I learnt that I cannot list them all.

Going to the schools was just so inspirational, I got to see the principles I learnt in action and to help with workshops, in-school drama classes and after school clubs. Seeing the children perform really made me understand how important the work of Unique Voice is for them: not only did I see some brilliant young actors, but also, and more importantly, some vital principles at work.

It became really clear to me that the ideas of friendship, solidarity, achievement – and many others – are at the core of Unique Voice’s approach to education. It was very inspirational to learn about how drama can improve children’s confidence and teach them values and principles that will help them all throughout their lives – and Unique Voice show us every day that this can really be achieved. It was all this, and much more, that I saw reflected in the children’s smiles when they were awarded attendance and excellence certificates after their end-of-term performances.

Attending a meeting between Unique Voice and Young Carers was also a huge source of inspiration and admiration for me: it felt like a real privilege to take part in a meeting between two such amazing organisations, and I really do hope they will work together to make a difference once again in many children’s lives.

On top of that (as if it wasn’t enough already) everyone I worked with was just lovely and always very helpful with whatever aspect I might have questions about. I would like to thank Krystal in particular for reading my script and giving me advice on how to bring it to life, and for praising my writing!

In brief, this week was just so inspirational and instructive. I find the work of Unique Voice of incredible value and I feel truly honoured that I had the opportunity to work with them. A huge thanks to everyone and best of luck for all your amazing activities! I would totally recommend students to undertake a work experience placement with Unique Voice, you will not regret it!


Marta Pacini 

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