Anti Bullying

Triple R is a highly engaging, creative, and fun Anti-Bullying intervention programme designed to support schools and their pupils to Recognise, Report, and Resolve bullying. The aim of the programme is to ensure your school environment has a strong Anti-Bullying culture and ethos thus making pupils feel safe whilst meeting OFSTED framework. 

The programme encompasses the in-depth knowledge of bullying our dedicated team have gained through past and current experiences working with young people. 


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Our experienced Unique Voice Actors provide an age appropriate, thought provoking performance to either KS1 or KS2* in your main hall. We portray real life issues through creative and child friendly stories, fuelled with characters representing a bullying scenario. 

There are separate programmes for KS1 / KS2. Every year the content of Triple R adapts with the emerging trends and challenges relating to bullying issues, this is inspired by our data, knowledge and the National Anti-Bullying Week theme. Previous coverage includes mental health, cyber bullying and image.

A high energy, educational and interactive workshop follows the assembly, allowing young people to further explore the bullying themes and roles related to the performance. This enables young people to explore both positive and negative outcomes when faced with bullying; encouraging them to make well informed decisions with empathy and self awareness. Each class participates in a 1 hour workshop, this is typically delivered in the classrooms. Often we have the team capacity to run up to 3 workshops at the same time in separate spaces.


Your school will receive a simple yet effective, creative educational activity and resource pack. This can be used by teachers in the classroom environment and within whole school campaigns, including cross curriculum activities. 

The pack includes lesson plans, assembly plans, games, activities, posters, leaflets and more. All of which explore themes surrounding anti-bullying, the National Anti-Bullying Week theme and the story of the Unique Voice performance. All resources will be sent electronically.


We will help you evaluate the day by preparing a monitoring report concluding your children’s learning outcomes, observations and awareness of bullying issues. Within this we offer advice, tools and guidance to help you vocalise and evidence your progress in meeting OFSTED framework to any inspections and school priority plans*

*For those schools requiring a more comprehensive picture we also offer extensive case studies including pre and post data.


We are aware that every school is different and therefore has different wants and needs. Every programme we provide will be custom made to suit your school. Whether that be you require targeted Anti-Bullying workshops for a specific year group, you wish for us to help you build a more robust anti-bullying culture and policy, or you have a specific budget, we will be able to help. Contact us today so we will be able to build an anti-bullying programme to suit your setting.

This year we were approached by the National Anti-bullying Alliance (for the third year running) for our creative talents to produce both the secondary and primary national anti-bullying week films which were viewed by schools across the country during National Anti-Bullying Week. Below you can view the films we created with young people from Fairfield High School, City Academy, Chester Park Primary School and Filton Avenue Primary School in 2018 and 2019.


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